“Addressing racial disparities in the distribution and access to the COVID-19 vaccine is pivotal in the fight to eliminate this virus. If systemic health and social inequities are not addressed, Black and Brown communities will continue to have an increased risk of dying from COVID-19. Tangible and immediate solutions must be implemented now.” Dr. Darlene Williams, Chief Program Officer at WIN, Inc.

A few of the Racial Equity in Supportive Housing Workgroup (RESH) leaders are represented in this Zoom session on 2/26/2021. The volunteer group is comprised of about 40 core leaders from a host of Supportive Housing agencies throughout the state of New York.

“The struggle to obtain a vaccination is severe for those who have limited access to technology. While headway is being made to secure vaccines for the most vulnerable amongst us. The need for distribution where the problem exists…

Racial Equity in Supportive Housing Workgroup

RESH is a volunteer affinity group launched in 2020 to examine and implement tangible solutions for racial injustice in New York-based Supportive Housing

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